Crystals For Entrepreneurs Box Set

Crystal Rising


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Crystals for Entrepreneurs is a perfect set for anyone that is creative and pursuing a dream.   These perfectly curated set of crystals to call in prosperity and entrepreneurial success will help you align to the energy of Abundance. 

Your Crystal Affirmation is "I Am Aligned With The Energy of Abundance"


Tumbled Citrine - Abundance, Manifestation, Confidence, and Success

Tumbled Clear Quartz - Master Healer and Amplifier

Tumbled Amethyst -  Brings in Calm, Heightens Intuition

Tumbled Tigers Eye -  Good Luck, Mental Clarity, and Inner Strength

Tumbled Green Aventurine - Prosperity, Strength, Confidence, Mental Clarity


Each Crystal is Consciously sourced by Crystal Rising direct from known mines.

The boxes are Kraft with a clear plastic top. 3 1/2” x 5 1/2” Sealed with a sticker and affirmation.

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