Manifestation - Citrine and Sunstone Infused Perfume

Spirit Element


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Manifestation Crystal Perfume features a multi-note blend of Honey balsam (not from real honey), mandarin, jasmine and lemon to help one to discover one’s purpose, attract abundance, and to manifest your deepest desires.  It is especially crafted to help support you in attaining your most desired manifestations.  

Citrine - The stone of wealth. This stone carries the energy of the sun and promotes personal power. It is the ultimate tool for manifestation, especially when it comes to money matters. It does not hold negative energy & never needs to be cleansed.

Jasmine - the ultimate moon oil; jasmine is associated with happiness, luck, self-confidence and healing. Perhaps most alluring is its use in manifestation magic. It is one of the best oils for setting intentions and creating good fortune and prosperity.

Mandarin - This oil is a must for spiritual growth. It encourages confidence, calls in success, and strengthens your power; making it ideal for all magical workings. It clears the mind and helps one to find clarity and to learn to trust in one’s self.

How to Use: Visualize your goal, then hold it in your third eye as roll on this heavenly fragrance. For the most long lasting scent, apply to delicate, sensual areas of the body such as the wrists, behind knees, the collarbone, breasts and behind the ears. You can also apply a little to third eye and stomach to to promote intuitive guidance and action towards your goal.

10 mL glass bottle.

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