Phases of the Moon - Body Oil Sampler Set

Spirit Element


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Invite the rhythm, inspiration, and healing of the moon with this deeply hydrating body oil collection. These oils are meant to work together to bring balance and peace as you ebb and flow through the various phases of your life.

Set Includes: New Moon, Waxing Moon, Full Moon & Waning Moon body & ritual oils

Work with New Moon for new beginnings and finding inspiration. for creative endeavors.

Work with Waxing Moon to bring your ideas to life. This time of the moon is all about action, strength and determination.

Work with Full Moon to celebrate your victories and to bring a sense of closure to projects and relationships.

Work with Waning Moon for inner reflection, communication and helping to shed light on people, habits or situations that must be released in order to make space for new blessings to come into your life.

How to Use:

  • Use in place of traditional body moisturizers or add to your regular body lotions and creams.

  • add to candles and rituals

  • add a tablespoon to a warm bath

  • apply to palms of hands, wrists, temples and shoulders before ritual or moon gazing.

1 oz | 30 mL glass bottles.

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